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The Billionaires Bankrolling the Tea Party

17 Sep

By Frank Rich of the New York Post

ANOTHER weekend, another grass-roots demonstration starring Real Americans who are mad as hell and want to take back their country from you-know-who. Last Sunday the site was Lower Manhattan, where they jeered the “ground zero mosque.” This weekend, the scene shifted to Washington, where the avatars of oppressed white Tea Party America, Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, were slated to “reclaim the civil rights movement” (Beck’s words) on the same spot where the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. had his dream exactly 47 years earlier.

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Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” Rally – Interview B-Roll

13 Sep

Warning: Not for the nauseous

9/11 : 9 years later

11 Sep

It was a fucked up day 9 years ago today. America was in tears, and anger became its fuel. We wanted Terrorists!!! Therefore, we attacked Iraq. Anyways, not about that. It’s more about What can we do so we don’t have another 9/11? What, run around the world and attack the terrorist’s on their soil, before they attack us on ours? Or perhaps, we can fix our image. The American image. We’ve allowed Corporations, dirty tyrannical Politicians, and Money run around the world for decades to create an image of America that has pissed off some people. It will take us decades to correct it. When shall we start?

Friday, No Politics. Just Debauchery

28 Aug

Ground Zero Mosque Being Built with Ulterior Motive

15 Aug

By: Michael

From Jumping in Pools:

As you know by now, there is a proposal to build a Mosque just two blocks away from the ruins of Ground Zero.  While the majority of Muslims are not radical, the Twin Towers and three thousand men, women, and children were murdered in the name of Islam.  Is a Mosque, by itself, offensive to the memories of the fallen?  Perhaps, but I believe, through simple common sense, that the Manhattan Islamic house of worship is being proposed with an ulterior motive.

Let me begin this with statement: I do not believe those in favor of the Mosque are in favor of terrorism, per se.  Are they proposing the Mosque to laud 9/11 over New Yorkers?  I doubt that as well.  However, there seems to be fishy things going on underneath the surface.


Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the man who is the driving force behind the Mosque, has an odd/shady background, which Hot Air reported on here.  Mr. Rauf is associated with Mahathir Mohamad, an outspoken 9/11 truther and anti-Semite.  Mahathir Mohamad said, quote, “There is strong evidence that the attacks were staged. If they can make Avatar, they can make anything.”  With these connections to the Mosque, it is understandable to be weary of such a project. Continue reading

Jake Shannon for U.S. House, UT : Q & A

10 Aug

By: Jake Shannon

Jake answers the Liberty Candidate questions below:

1. Re. the U.S. Financial System:

1a. What is your view of the monetary system in the U.S. today?

I believe that the Federal Reserve and fractional reserve banking are directly responsible for the current credit crisis. As such, the Federal Reserve system should be audited, dismantled, and its remains scattered to the winds. I will legislate vigorously toward this end.

1b. What is primarily responsible for a large percentage of our nation’s current economic, social and political problems?

I am a big fan of the separation of corporations and state. Free markets are no longer free when big government and big business collude. I seek to end the Federal Reserve, abolish the IRS, stop welfare (corporate or otherwise) and foster individual responsibility in achieving my goal of legalizing liberty.

1c. What corrective actions would you work to implement? Continue reading

Politics and the unemployed

7 Aug

By: Joseph Picard

The millions of Americans currently out of work must all be registered Democrats.

At least that’s the conclusion you have to draw when you consider the intransigent refusal of the Republican Party, especially Senate Republicans, to do anything to assist the multitudes of our nation’s unemployed.

At the end of June – that is, in a few days  —  unemployment insurance benefits will expire for approximately 1.2 million people. Actually, the number is greater, since most of those people have other people – spouses, children, aging parents – who depend on them.  All of these people, in a few short days, will have the cold and frightening experience of their government abandoning them in the hour of need.

If Senate Republicans ended their opposition to the bill that would extend unemployment insurance until the end of November and voted with their Democratic colleagues, the bill would pass, the extension would go into effect and, as in the old movies where the cavalry arrives at the last minute to rescue the circled wagon train, those million plus besieged Americans would get some desperately needed help.

But that does not appear likely. You would think that Mitch McConnell and Jon Kyl would enjoy being the cavalry. Unfortunately, however, they appear more inclined to ride roughshod over the American worker.

The Republicans say they oppose the benefits extension bill because it would add to the national debt. Wow! They’ve rediscovered their fiscal conservatism.  That’s just wonderful.  It had been completely lost, you will recall, from January 2001 to January 2009. Those very same fellows, who are now so worried about spending money, voted without fail, without opposition, and without a peep, for every one of George W. Bush’s spending bills, spending that dug this nation into the deficit hole the Republicans are now so worried about.

Maybe they think that no one will remember. Maybe someone told them that the word “hypocrite” has been dropped from the language.

The Republicans have no problem spending public money. They just don’t want to do it for a Democratic administration. Their adamant opposition to extending unemployment insurance is based solely on politics. Continue reading