Jake Shannon for U.S. House, UT : Q & A

10 Aug

By: Jake Shannon

Jake answers the Liberty Candidate questions below:

1. Re. the U.S. Financial System:

1a. What is your view of the monetary system in the U.S. today?

I believe that the Federal Reserve and fractional reserve banking are directly responsible for the current credit crisis. As such, the Federal Reserve system should be audited, dismantled, and its remains scattered to the winds. I will legislate vigorously toward this end.

1b. What is primarily responsible for a large percentage of our nation’s current economic, social and political problems?

I am a big fan of the separation of corporations and state. Free markets are no longer free when big government and big business collude. I seek to end the Federal Reserve, abolish the IRS, stop welfare (corporate or otherwise) and foster individual responsibility in achieving my goal of legalizing liberty.

1c. What corrective actions would you work to implement?

I will fiercely support legislation such as HR 1207, S.604 and HR 833 to end the Federal Reserve. I will also support Fair Tax legislation such as H.R. 25 and S.296 as an interim step toward repealing the 16th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States and abolishing the progressive income tax.

1d. Do you agree or disagree with the actions the Federal Reserve has taken to address the financial/economic crisis, and why?

The Federal Reserve has no interest in addressing the financial crisis since their job security depends on engineering “crises” to “solve”.

2. Re. U.S. sovereignty:

2a. What are your thoughts on American sovereignty in an age of globalism?

I tend to think of politics less in terms of “left” vs. “right” and more in terms of “power” vs. “liberty”. I believe there is always a tendency for those in power to centralize and consolidate their control and influence. As a liberty candidate, I believe that globalism is shift toward this centralization of power, and as such I oppose any move toward global governance.

2b.What is the biggest source of influence and actions in U.S. government agencies and policies that has been damaging to American sovereignty?

Endless war, unnecessary foreign entanglements, and the Military-Industrial Complex.

2c. What can be done to limit these influences?

Promote a strong, non-interventionist defense without meddling in the affair of other sovereign nations. I believe strongly in peace through trade, treaty, and diplomacy.

3. What are your views on the necessity of the Patriot Act to protect America?

The Patriot Act does not protect Americans, in fact it violates American civil liberties.

4. Re. Foreign Policy:

4a. What is your opinion on current US foreign policy?

U.S. foreign policy is wasteful, interventionist, meddlesome and the impetus for much pain and suffering (domestically as well). I believe the best way to support our troops and their families is to keep them out of harms way and bring them home to protect America.

4b. What is your stance about the “war on terror”?

It is an irrational response to foreign actions inspired by U.S. foreign military intervention (i.e., “blowback”). The “war” on terror should be ended immediately, along with all the other failed American wars (e.g., the War on Drugs, the War on Poverty, etc.).

4c. Do you understand the justification or the illegality of this policy? Be Specific.

The War on Terror, or as it is now known under the Obama Administration, the Overseas Contingency Operation, was launched by the Bush administration and authorized by Congress under the auspices of “Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002”. Section 3, paragraph B, required to evidence that Iraq was in violation of UN Resolutions by virtue of possessing weapons of mass destruction, as well as proof that Iraq was behind the attacks of September 11, 2001. As such, the military operation is illegal and continuation of it is criminal.

For more information visit http://www.liberty-candidates.org/2010/06/us-house-ut-district-3-jake-shannon.html#more or U.S. House.

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