Is there a need for term limits?

7 Aug

By: Stephanie Keller

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” In short, those who work hard to gain a powerful, public position soon worry more about keeping that position than the reasons they were put there in the first place. Now, I am sure there may be a few exceptions to this rule, but certainly not enough that it will change my view point. The bottom line is the longer a person stays in office, the less they listen to their constituents. Simply put, they no longer rely on the public to be reelected. Lobbyists and special interest groups buy the elections for them and God only knows what they get for their efforts, but you can be darn sure it’s not in America’s best interest.

You might ask yourself how term limits will make a difference if the quality of people we put into office is so easily corruptible. For that I have a two-fold answer. First, if they know it’s just a temporary gig they wouldn’t spend all their time trying to be reelected and instead be more focused on the concerns of their constituents. Secondly, even if they are easily maneuvered by special interest groups and lobbyists, at least it won’t be for long. They would need to spend more and more money to get the same results they get now. And, if you don’t believe these non-elected groups are the ones running our nation right now, first I’d have to ask you about the rock you’ve been living under, and second I’d direct your attention to the recession proof lobbying firms (Patton Boggs, Akin, Gump and Strauss) who are raking in double digit gains when the rest of the country suffers during this economic crisis. They are the ones responsible for the sweeping health care overhaul and the financial (bailout) reform. Obviously, if the majority of Americans opposed these bills and they still passed the House and Senate, it’s not because those elected are worried about keeping their jobs.

So, what’s the solution? Other than making lobby firms illegal, we should institute term limits. Make it so those elected By the People have to return home and live by the rules they set for the rest of the country. Nothing is more motivating than self-interest. Politicians (on both sides) evade their taxes, use their political influence to buy favor or countless other offenses that would land ordinary citizens in the slammer. So, why then do these folks get a walk? Why are they told to “retire with dignity”? Because the cesspool that is Washington circles around their own like a mother lion protecting her cub. And don’t be fooled by thinking it’s compassion that motivates them. No, it’s self-interest through and through. If you see what crawls out from underneath one rock, you might be tempted to kick over a few more. The only solution to this ever pervasive problem is to limit the time elected officials serve. The only real hurdle to getting this done is that politicians will never write the legislation, let alone pass it, unless the American people force the issue. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of politicians voting “yea” on a bill that only their staffers have read. Give them limits and make them stand by their convictions. Maybe then the lawyers at all of those high priced lobbying firms can go back to actually practicing the law.

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