BP and its potential downfall

11 Jun

posted by Mr. Kerouac

I just read from Democracy for America after they started their Boycott BP campaign that a chain of convenience stores have decided to stop carrying BP gas. Awesome. From the mouth of the store owner: “We are debranding BP. We will no longer be associated with BP by the end of the month. We are doing this because of the backlash and bad publicity from the handling of BP’s catastrophe. We don’t want to be associated with them anymore. We’ve had enough.”

Hopefully this kind of action goes around the country. Americans need to be loud, and not just when they’re yelling “Beat L.A.” during the Lakers/Boston series!!!(go Lakers!!!)

Anyways, good on them. And Fuck you BP!!! P.S. You’ve created a mini economy with all the anti BP products people are selling. Like what you can find here—> Thanks BP!!


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