The British are Coming!

10 Jun

posted by Mr. Kerouac

Apparently the British are coming. Cheerio with your jingo jango. The Brits are mad >=(  over Obamas ‘Rhetoric’ towards BP. So they’re sending the cavalry. Actually just Prime Minister David Cameron. BP executives have asked the PM to go and have some tea with Obama and tell him to stop being so brutal towards BP. Why? Well, BP’s stock has lost more than half of it’s value. Roughly 71 Bazilllion. You know what BP?? Piss off. Clean up our damn gulf, with YOUR money, and pay those that have been affected, with YOUR money. So, suck it up. In more ways than one!!

I for one want Obama to keep up the rhetoric and perhaps ratchet it up a bit. BP needs to be held accountable. Corporations seem to think that they have so much power. Oh, wait, they do. In any case, the rhetoric can possibly transform BP into a company that, as they claim, is committed to the environment. Maybe a little wallet pinch will do just that. What BP has on their side is that Obama is turning into Bill Clinton, a Corporate Dem. So, we’ll see what happens. Maybe I should buy some stock in BP.



One Response to “The British are Coming!”

  1. Enso June 11, 2010 at 1:35 am #

    Uh… Are you making fun of us, mate?

    -What? No!

    Well, here we are, singing the beloved drinking songs of our country, and you sing us that bloody jingo-jango?

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